To make stew Jacobijn

Dutch Theme – Stew Jacobin – from a Drachenwald cooks site.

Nr. 22 Te maicken soppijn Jacopijn

Neemt een gebraden hoen ende doet al die beenen uuijt ende nemen vleckier of anderen goeden kaes ende snijtes al dun ende in een pateel geleit dat die bodem gedect is ende vanden hoen dair op geleijt ende daer zuker op gestroeyt ende dan weder kaes dae r op geleijt ende dan hoenre vleijs daer op gelet ende kaes daer op geleijt ende dan neemt nat van verschen runtvleijs ende doet daer in ende op tvier geseth ende gesoden ende soe heet ter tafele gedient, mer eer ghij alle dese substantie in die pateel l egt soe suldy nemen wittebroot ende snijdent viercant ende legget op die bodem vander pateel ende dat dese substantie niet aenbarnen en sal.

Translation and notes

To make stew Jacobijn

Take a roast chicken and take all the bones out, and take “vleckier” or other good cheese, and cut it thin and put in a bowl so that the bottom is covered and put on there of the chicken and sprinkle sugar on it and then put cheese on it again, and then chicken meat and cheese on it and then take stock of fresh beef and put that in and put it on the fire and let it boil and serve it hot, but before you put all these things in the bowl you should take white bread and cut it square and put it on t he bottom of the bowl so that it will not burn.

Ingredients (for about 4 people):

1 chicken (about 1 kg)

white bread

500 g cheese

4 tablespoons of sugar

beef stock

(optional) salt and pepper
My take:
Used rotisserie chicken, with meat pulled in large chunks.  The cheese I chose was Gouda, on the suggestion of the original redactors.  I used regular white table sugar.  My choice of bread was a thick country white from the grocery bakery.  I followed the recipe as above.

It was a fairly popular dish!


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