Chicken Dumplings from Sabrina Weslerin

Chicken Dumplings – From Sabrina Weslerin.  This is an excellent translation webpage with a lot of Germanic recipes.

193 How to make chicken dumplings

Take the meat from two chickens. After it is cooked chop it finely, mix grated Parmesan cheese in with it and color it yellow and stir it together. You should also put mace and pepper into it. After that prepare a dough. Make a thin flat cake and put the above described filling on it and form it into a dumpling and join the two ends together. Cook it in broth as long as for hard- boiled eggs and serve it warm.

I used to rotisserie chickens and took the meat and chopped it roughly.  Yellow food coloring was used for the “color it yellow”.  Due to time constraints I used pre-made pie dough for the “dumplings”.  They aren’t really dumplings in the modern sense, they were more potsticker style dumplings vs. the chicken and dumplings made with dropped dough that I expected when first reviewing this recipe.


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