Stierbach Cooks Guild is 7 years old

This is an email from Iustinos who has been part of it from the beginning:
I had just been thinking the other day that the cooks guild was about 5 years old. As it turns out, the Guild turned 7 last month. Here’s my documentation: Pretty neat eh?

Don’t know if that inspires anyone to any thematic ideas, but share if the idea strikes you.

In any case, I look forward to seeing everyone back in our kitchen this coming Wednesday.


Mon Jan 19 12:17:08 PST 2004

Greetings fellow cooks and food lovers!

We had our first meeting last Sunday and had lots of fun making sugar paste
decorations for this Saturday.

We have decided to make the second Wednesday of the month to be our regular
meeting date. Our next meeting will be held at Lady Malyn’s home 7pm.

We have decide to cook two dishes that night and our theme will be “food for
lovers”. We will be gathering after the business meeting to look over cook
books and decide which recipes will be cooked. All are invited to bring your
favorite cookbooks and dish with us.

Anyone interested in joining us are welcome. Please contact Malyn or Grace
for information or inquires.

Yours in Service,


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