Young Doves (Romanian chicken with sour cream sauce)

This came from Stefan’s Florilegium “A Translation of a 17th Century Romanian Cookbook” by Lord Petru cel paros Voda

Take 4 pre-cooked chicken breasts and chop into morsels.  Add 1 cup sour cream, salt, ¼ tsp nutmeg, ¼ tsp clove, ½ tsp cinnamon, ½ tsp pepper, ¼ cup nuts (pine or pistachio preferred but also almonds) 4 egg yolks beaten with 1 TBS lemon juice and meat stock to cover by one to two inches.  Boil until thickens.  Serve spinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

NOTES:  This was way too soupy to my taste.  Although George Lang says that Hungarians like soupy stews, this didn’t work for me.  Great taste but I would have added just enough liquid so it didn’t completely cover the chicken, then added eggs and sour cream.

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