June 2011 Meeting – A challenge

Iustinos issued a challenge for a meat dish.

Here is the challenge as taken from Marx Rumpolt, Ein New Kochbuch, c.1581:
This is one of the recipes webbed by M. Grasse (ska: Gwen Catrin von Berlin, OL). The translation is her own (c) 1999.

Garlic roasted leg of Mutton
35 Salz den Schlegel/ und steck in an/ und wenn er halb gebraten ist/ so nimm frischen Knobloch/ der gar jung ist/ spick den Braten damit/ unnd lasz in gar and die Statt raten/ und wenn du in wilt anrichten/ so mach ein braune Brüh darzu/ schneidt ein wenig neuwen Knobloch darein/ thu ein wenig Essig und gestossen Pfeffer darein/ und lasz darmit sieden/ und wenn du in anrichtest/ so ist es ein lieblicher Braten zu essen/ Und also können ihn Edelleut und Bauern wol essen.

Salt the leg/ and skewer it (on a spit) / and when it is half roasted/ so take fresh garlic/ that is quite young/ lard (cut small slits and insert the garlic) therewith/ and let it finish roasting/ and if you wish to prepare it/ so make a brown broth (gravy) thereto/ cut a little new garlic therin/put a little vinegar and crushed pepper therein/ and let it simmer therewith/ and if you prepare it so/ it is a lovely roast to eat/ And so can (the) Nobility and farmers well eat it.

Iustinos and Jesse both provided lamb dishes. Maeve brought a cheese mushroom tart that was devoured. Heloise and Denis brought a variety of cheeses and some interesting crackers – anise and orange. Sophia made a yummy barley dish with fresh herbs and lemon. And Alesia brought a salat, roasted carrots and cherry pudding.

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